Step 1: Go to settings and then select Add-ons.

iptv stalker kodi

Step 2: Now select My Add-ons.

iptv stalker kodi

Step 3: From here select PVR clients.

iptv stalker kodi

Step 4: And then select Stalker client.

iptv stalker kodi

Step 5: Select Configure.

iptv stalker kodi

Step 6: Select Portal 1, And Here enter the Mac address and Server address provided by your IPTV distributor. After entering the info accurately, Select “OK”

How to find the Mac address and link it to your account:

Part 1: Find your Mac address, This is a number of sorts that you are going to need to tie your device to your subscription.

  1. Turn on your device and open KODI.
  2. In the main menu select System and then system info.
  3. Select the network tab.
  4. Write down the last 6 characters of your Mac address (For example: If yourMac address is”2A:B3:35:03:E7:36″ then you should write down 03:E7:36)

Part 2: How to link your Mac address to your Subscription:

  1. Login to your panel
  2. Click on the change IPTV Mac address button.
  3. In the text field provided enter 00:1A:79: followed by the last six characters of your Mac address (For example:00:1A:79:03:E7:36)

Step 7: Select “Enable”.

Step 8: Head back to main settings and then click on TV.

Step 9: In the TV settings Select “Enabled”.

Step 10: In this phase, it’s important that you restart your device to avoid errors. After restart TV section will appear, click on TV and enjoy …

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